We are a firm of solicitors based in Hong Kong S.A.R. practising local law.

Our firm was founded in 1983 by senior partner Mr. Ng Hon Ying, and became the partnership of Ng and Fang in 1984 when Mr. Gary S. Fang joined as a partner. Our other partners are Ms. Pau Ka Hang Dorothy and Mr. Liu Wai Ki.

Our team is assisted by Consultants Mr. Wong Hak Chak, Daniel, Mr. Li Chi Ming and Mr. A. Michael Bough –solicitors of senior standing, together with Associate Ms. Cheung Hoi Kiu. The practice is supported by a dedicated team of staff with practical legal knowledge and experience in our practice areas.

We are experienced across a range of legal disciplines.

Contract & Commercial Law

Advising on and drafting of contracts for matters concerning sale of goods and services, employment law, agency law, transfer of business, confidentiality, protection of personal data privacy, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing.


Putting through transfers of real property ownership, preparing tenancy agreements and advising on land rights and issues.

Corporate & Partnership Law

Advising on the different types of companies and joint ventures, undertaking their incorporation, restructure and dissolution; advising on partnership formation, partnership agreements, partners’ obligations between themselves and with third parties and its dissolution.

Family Law

Handling child-custody, guardianship, wardship and paternity proceedings, divorces, nullity and ancillary relief; drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements; preparing enduring power of attorney.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights and issues, such as application for registration of trade marks, patents, and defending ownership.


Making civil claims, preparing defenses and court attendances, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Immigration Law

Advising on immigration issues and applying for different types of visas from Immigration Department.

Wills, Probate & Trusts

Preparing wills and applying for grants of deceased’s estate. Formation and administration of private and charitable trusts. Applications for mental health orders.

Notarization & Attestation

We also offer International Notarization, China attestation and Civil Celebration of Marriage services. Our firm maintains a close and effective network with other local professions and international law firms to advise on foreign law as well as any relevant matters of interest to our clients.

Our office is less than an hour away from Hong Kong International Airport, easily accessible by all public transportation systems.

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